IMAC Switzerland sub-committee

IMAC Switzerland sub-committee of Schweizerischer Modellflug Verband (SMV)

The IMAC Switzerland is part of the Swiss federation:

The F3 aerobatic comission (FAKO F3) is reponsible of the following categories:

  • F3A (precision aerobatic airplanes)
  • F3P and F3P-AFM (indoor aerbatic airplanes, precision and freestyle)
  • RCS akro (aerobatic sailplanes)
  • IMAC (giant-scale aerobatic airplanes, precision and freestyle)

More information can be found here:

The actual IMAC Switzerland sub-committee is composed of the three following members:

Roland Galley

Roland Galley

  • Representative for Switzerland
  • IMAC European Team Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Judging
  • Financial support from Swiss federation
Daniel Nipkow

Daniel Nipkow

  • Head of Sports
  • Connection to Swiss federation (SMV) FAKO F3
  • Team selections
  • Practice
  • Sponsoring
Sylvain Pasini

Sylvain Pasini

  • Webmaster