Claude Rouiller

Claude started designing, building and flying model airplanes a the age of 13. As a young adult he cut back on his aeromodelling activity to engage in other sports like cycling, snowboarding and mountaineering, but he soon remembered his childhood dream: Flying. Then, he started to fly paraglider. He passed his commercial tandem flight licence, in order to share his passion for flying with others. As the years go by, he came back to aeromodelling and participated in some aerobatics contests.

Claude discovered an enthusiasm for RC aerobatics and he has had some successes in regional competitions (in Büren and Breitenbach). He is a newcomer in giant scale aerobatics.


IMAC number:
IMAC no: 8182

Modellfluggruppe Schmitten
AMC Corserey

ExtremeFlight Extra 300 104’’, Leomotion L8025, Scorpion Tribunus 14/300A, LiPo 12S 10’000mAh, PowerBox Competition SRS, 2x Futaba R7008SB, 7x S9177SV, IISI-RC telemetry