International Steinlin IMAC Trophy

Unfortunately cancelled for 2020 and 2021 due to Covid uncertainties in Switzerland and surrounding countries

IMAC EuropCup

Documents of the cancelled 2020 edition (as reference)


After careful consideration, the steering committee decided to postpone the 2020 edition to 2021.


All information can be downloaded in IMAC_Trophy_2020 v2020-05-07 (edition for 2020).  



The following IMAC classes will be flown according to the valid IMAC regulations:

  • Sportsman
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Freestyle

In addition, the “Talent Cup” is flown to promote young talents. Eligible are pilots up to a maximum age of 18 years, who have not flown any IMAC competitions so far. The regulations are enclosed in annex.


The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30 pilots, additionally participants “Talent-Cup”.

All IMAC pilots are obliged to participate as Judge, Scriber or Caller according to a separate schedule. A refusal will result in a “zero” for the following flight.

Registration On modellflug website (SMV):
Registration Fee

Payable after reconfirmed registration:

  • Any IMAC class: CHF 90.-
  • “Talent Cup”: CHF 30.-

In the event of cancellation, the registration fee paid will be refunded.


Every pilot has to prove his liability insurance.


Hotels in the area.

Motorhome “no hook-up”


IMAC is flown in 2 flight lines.

It is expected to be flown:

  • 6 Known-Sequences
  • 2 Unknown-Sequences
  • 1 Freestyle

See schedule in annex.

Judges Beside the 6 invited IMAC-Judges the Judge-Groups are completed with Pilot-Judges.
Judges and flight lines

For each IMAC flight line there are 3 judges and 3 scribers for the “Known-Sequences”, for the “Unknown-Sequences” there is an additional caller.

Freestyle will be flown in one flight line and judged by the 6 invited judges, also the “Talent-Cup”

Infrastructure and Flight space See annex
Rankings / Evaluation
  • “Talent Cup”
  • Sportsman
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Unlimited
  • Freestyle
  • “Overall”
    (Averaged percentage flown by the pilot in IMAC-Class is added to the averaged percentage flown in Freestyle. The IMAC pilots from all Classes, who fly Freestyle, are included in the evaluation)
  • Prize money for ranks 1 – 3 “Overall” (CHF 4’000 / 2’000 / 1’000)
  • Prizes in kind for each winner of an IMAC-Class including Freestyle and “Talent-Cup” with a total value of CHF 4’300

Only one prize can be won per pilot. The non-cash prizes go to the next in line per class, if the corresponding 1st place is occupied by a prize money winner.